Live Your Truth – Or Die Your Lie

There’s going to be a revolution inside of me. A “James Spring”.

We all have different voices inside of us: the voice that wants to make money, the voice that wants to be loved, the voice that wants to be authentic, and so on.

When they work together, the best version of ourselves comes out. When they disagree (you hate your job, you hate your art, you are feeling stuck, etc), revolt happens.

I might get sick. Or I might be unhappy. Or I might lose people in my life that I love. All of these things have happened to me when one or more of the voices have felt disenfranchised.

Who knows?

I’ve known Kamal forever now in blog years. The last book he wrote, “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It” has become a motto for me. My life has depended on loving myself. So many times.

His new book is going to be my new motto. “Live Your Truth”. I interpret that to mean when all the factions are working together. No revolt. No sickness or revolution. Happiness.

But heck, I also decided to try an experiment with this post. A picture is worth a 1000 words so maybe a video is worth 10 million words.

I called up Kamal and said, “I have some questions about your book.”

He said, “ok. Ask away.”

And I said, “No, let’s do it on a podcast”.

So we did a video where I ask him all about his new excellent book that technically comes  out today.

It’s going to be a classic like his last book is already becoming. We go through: why he wrote the book, what has happened to him since the last book came out, what are the steps to “living your truth” and so on.

You can ask Kamal questions in the comments here and I’m sure he will answer. And if you like the idea of me doing video interviews, let me know.

Click the image below for the video or Click Here to watch the 14 minute video.


58 Responses to “Live Your Truth – Or Die Your Lie”

  1. Jon Clark Says:

    Kamal, Thank you for writing this book. It is a beautiful read. Congratulations on crossing the threshold.

  2. maria Says:

    it’s things like this that make you realize that getting older is so much cooler than being young

  3. Nick Says:

    Looking forward to reading the new book, Kamal.

  4. DSG Says:

    I was just reflecting on two options for my future. One offers more security, the other is more risky but reflects my truth. I’m going with truth.

    Dan Garner
    Zen Presence – Ideas for meaningful living

  5. Dawn Casey-Rowe Says:

    Not only did I truly love both books of yours, Kamal, and your latest, James, but I have to tell you that this podcast is gold. Love watching you two in action together… I’m going to watch this again–it left me smiling.

    • kamalravikant Says:

      Thanks, Dawn, Knew you would get a kick out of it.

      • Dawn Casey-Rowe Says:

        I did, indeed. You two should do just one show opening up for LouisCK. I’d fly out for that one. I think, Kamal, you’d have to be the straight man. James has the comedy locked down.

  6. thomsinger Says:

    The video is worth watching. I liked how y’all talked about Louis CK tossing out his material each year and starting over (going deeper, getting better). Wow, the thought of that is scary… especially when someone is experiencing success. But one you know yourself, it would be easier. I find as I get older it is so much easier to live my own truth (as I care less about what outsiders, who judge without knowledge, think about me).

    I also like how you start this post about your own “James Spring” – one of the best analogies I have seen anywhere in a long time!! I want my own bloodless revolution!

    • kamalravikant Says:

      Well said, Thom. And that Louis CK video, I’ve watched it many times. So honest, so inspiring.

  7. iGoByDoc Says:

    James, thanks for sharing this post. Dig the video. Ever since you took over Brogans podcast, I think you have found your next calling… video podcast! (sick headphones btw)

    Also, had recently heard Kamal on a Brogan’s podcast, and really enjoyed the episode. Between you and your book, Brogan’s superhero book, and now Kamal’s books, I see a thread. Not only do y’all seem to be on the same circuit (haha) but there seems to be a message that has not been able to penetrate my thick skull until now.

    It all starts with me.

    I feel a “Doc Spring” coming on too!

    Thanks for sharing… and I can not wat to download and read these books by Kamal too!


    • kamalravikant Says:

      Thanks, Doc. People like James and Chris have chosen themselves, come out of nowhere and become influencers by sharing their truth. James inspired me in so many ways, my books exist because of him.

      • iGoByDoc Says:

        That is awesome Kamal.

        Just wanted to drop another note. Downloaded both your books yesterday, finished the first one, and I loved it. Resonated with me a lot. And I thank you for sharing/publishing it. Put a little review on Amazon for good measure.

        Looking forward to reading your new one this week.


      • kamalravikant Says:

        Thank you, Doc. That means a lot. And thank you for the review, I read all of them, it’s such a beautiful feeling to hear from those who read your work.

      • iGoByDoc Says:

        I am almost done with Live Your Truth. Amazing! Both of these books, your story etc seem to be coming at the right time. Almost as if fate. I’m at a threshold… about to jump. =)

      • iGoByDoc Says:

        Oh, and I am curious… what is the 7 minute song you listen to?

      • kamalravikant Says:

        This one:

        I think the particular music doesn’t matter. What matters is that whatever you listen to, it has positive associations for you. These days, I’m listening to basic classical stuff.

      • iGoByDoc Says:

        Thanks for sharing.

  8. ZipStyle Says:

    Thanks for this – I’m interested in reading the book…wonder what my truth is…

  9. Sooz Says:

    Beautiful, Kamal. Congrats on your latest book! Ahhhh yes, ((Biggest Smile over here)). Love the podcast, J.A..

  10. William Peregoy Says:

    Good video. It’s good to see he’s kept learning and reflecting since last book. That’s what life is about really right? Keep moving, keep improving….

  11. Paige - Simple Mindfulness Says:

    I agree with Maria – Life does get better as we get older. Can’t wait for 50! I’m loving each day and the journey of evolving.

    With this in mind, I’m always looking for ways to instill these concepts (choosing yourself, loving yourself, living your truth) in my kids (they’re 3, 7 and 9). I understand that the best way to teach this is to be/do this every day. I think the education system robs kids of these gifts so it takes them (us) decades to figure it all out.

    James and Kamal: What ideas do you have for making these concepts part of everyday life for more kids (kids = birth to ~30 yrs.)?

    • kamalravikant Says:

      Heck of a question, great one. I was thinking about this recently – if I’d learned what I know early on, it sure would have accelerated the arc of my life. I think the best way we can teach is to live it to our best of our abilities, be the example – fallable as we are – and share what we’re living and learning.

      • Paige - Simple Mindfulness Says:

        I completely agree Kamal. Just wish there was a way to impact more kids by walking the talk.

        I just read Love Yourself twice today and am adding your steps to my Daily Practice. Thanks so much for sharing this with the world! I completely agree with James’ comment that you know you should publish something when it scares you. My best-received posts have always been the ones that I almost didn’t publish for fear of revealing too much truth.

        Can’t wait to devour Live Your Truth!

    • Dan Gamito Says:

      Hey Paige, leading by example is an amazing way to make lasting imprints (both positive & negative) on young people.

      Another powerful tool is travel. I’m only 25 but I’ve been to over 30 countries and seen the full spectrum of human socioeconomic situations. After my travels to China & India, I was dumbfounded that not every human lives in an environment predisposed to help them rise above and choose themselves.

      In fact, if you are a girl born in most parts of rural southern India your life options are excruciatingly limited. You will probably never have Internet access, or even access to dental work or non-tainted water, let alone a career choice.

      The perspective that I got as an 19 year old out in the real world convinced me of how fortunate I was to be able to choose what kind of life I want with almost no impedance from any real force except my own insecurity.

      Take your kids to faraway places with hard to pronounce names!

      • Paige - Simple Mindfulness Says:

        As soon as they’re old enough to appreciate these things, that’s exactly what I plan to do. I think travel is incredibly important in enlightening us on different approaches to life, beliefs, practices and everything else about life. I learn so much about this from emails that I receive from readers of my blog who live around the world (those with internet access). I’m so happy that you’ve had these experiences Dan!

  12. brian Says:

    just read your book choose yourself and wanted to thank you for the insight. I’m getting the hard copy sent to me soon and I think it will always be close at hand. It’s good to know the hard roads have been traveled by others and they made it through, and now I’m sure I will as well.

  13. Helen Hunter Mackenzie Says:

    Nice discussion- thanks for sharing this!

    Kamal, I like how you talked about getting quiet and listening to the voice that comes from your solar plexus. It took me a long time to realize that voice is always right, and then it took me a while longer to find the courage to listen to it. Silence is definitely the portal to it, as you said (and most of us experience almost NO silence these days– you have to be deliberate about it).

    I bought your last book because James recommended it in his book– and I will have to pick this one up too. Looking forward to reading it, and to your next book, “Eat Yourself” (or maybe James will write that one). 😉

    • kamalravikant Says:

      Hi Helen, burst out laughing on the Eat Yourself. If I do write that, you get the credit!

      And hear you on the voice and the courage it takes to listen to it. I’m still working on it.

  14. joe sixpack Says:

    James, I like the video interview. I vote that you should continue them

  15. Jared Wilson Says:

    I am living THE TRUTH. Its just what no one wants to hear. And the public is fed something different than what is actually going on. No one wants to know about physical abuse, among other things.

    • Blue Says:

      I know how you feel Jared. But we are having so much fun pressing buttons at the top and trying to make an example of you. The problem is we fucked up. MAJORLY, we fucked up so bad we are ashamed of it, and will beat you down, or do whatever we can to cover our tracks and make sure what happened doesnt come out.

  16. Geet Oberoi Says:

    Its so fantastic how beautifully this universe works! Till a
    few days ago I had no inkling about Kamal and the books he had written but
    accidentally stumbled upon the information on amazon. Kamal, what you say about
    the silence facilitating being in touch with our inner selves is so true. I so
    resonate with that. Its great to unexpectedly come across people or events,
    which validate our beliefs thus making our journey even more magical…like you
    say. I live in India and have ordered your books on amazon and I look forward
    to reading them. (And would you believe that amazon started delivering to India
    only a couple of weeks ago!).

    Thanks Kamal for sharing your journey and James for making
    it possible for others to identify with it.

    • kamalravikant Says:

      That’s amazing, my books in India. Got to love Amazon distribution. Thank you for getting them!

  17. Julie Munro-Physick Says:

    Thank you James, yes this was a great idea for a blog!

    I found your recount of Kamal’s story in Choose Yourself to be a huge bonus and an enormous blessing. How can I not be inspired today after being privy to a conversation between two open and spiritual people?

    The exercise in the chapter Take Over The World about the circles threw me at the time as I felt that I didn’t impact on anyone’s life. But watching how Kamal has impacted you, and knowing how you have impacted me, and also hearing who inspires and has impacted Kamal has altered my perspective.

    In your book Choose Yourself I got a little of Kamal, and through that a little of all who have impacted his thoughts/opinions. I am on an outer-space circle of millions of peoples lives who would never even consider I exist, let alone imagine they could impact my life in this way!
    – I didn’t realize the brilliance of your concept and the associated exercise you ask your readers to perform..

    Kamal, thank you for this and good luck with your book :).

    James, your work has inspired me in many ways and for that I am truly grateful. Your honesty is invigorating and well received!

  18. Hooty Says:

    On March 23 2012 then Pope Benedict said that Communism had failed in Cuba! What he didn’t say is that Communism and Socialism ROB people of their God given talents. I just finished JA’s book and gave it five stars! The theme that to “Choose Yourself” is really about the individual life journey and its failures and sucesses. Don’t let anyone rob you of your lifes journey! (Btw: I thought Kamal’s comment on writing about life on the peak would sell 0 books was spot on! While not everyone can benefit from the same exact processes they can always benefit from the encouragement and ideas presented in your books!)

  19. kcastagnaro Says:

    James – please do more videos! You are just charming. Kamal – please do more videos! You have an important message to share and I would love to see you share it in all kinds of ways: books, blog posts, podcasts, videos, movies, stage plays, skywriting! The more people that hear you, the more people that will be transformed.

  20. Michael Stanton Says:

    Read ..” CHOOSE YOURSELF ” on a flight from New York To Nevada Loved it..just got Kamal’s book on Kindle can’t wait to get started

  21. Says:

    Kamal: You speak so many truths. Go deeper, get better, be silent and hear yourself, please continue doing this.
    Altucher: I’ve enjoyed reading you and now listening to you. You come across as the guy next door, very personable. Yes, more videos please!

  22. Tad Says:

    Some great reads in my inbox lately; and the video works for me, James. Maybe talk-radio will come calling? And that’s some mad hair you two are sporting. You guys should donate a few kilos to charity, lol! I’ll be sure to check out Kamal’s books.

  23. Chris Lee Says:

    Just wanted to share some gratitude with you. Don’t remember where I stumbled upon your blog from but it’s been resonating with me in a casual way for the couple weeks I’ve been reading. I am typically too impatient to watch videos but I went ahead & watched this one and ended up buying both of Kamal’s books (read LY 2x already & 1/2 way through LYT) and yours on Audible. Just seems like another synchronicity in a magic life (which has been challenging as of late) to stumble across these messages when they are so needed. Thank you!

  24. ELee Says:

    I look forward to reading Kamal’s new book, which I purchased yesterday. I loved Kamal’s first book – I read it and benefitted from it at a time that really needed it. Great job, Kamal! James, keep the video interviews coming!

  25. Kyle Eschenroeder Says:

    The “What would happen if I believed _______” has been rocking my day. Massive learning there! Thanks!

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