Good suggestions to travel to? Apart from mysore in India? Alone or with friends?

emtoo ‏ @emtoo: Good suggestions to travel to? Apart from mysore in India? Alone or with friends?


Oh! I know the best place to travel to. And the cheapest. And the most interesting. Here is a ticket:

I bet you’ve never visited there. Every day learn ten things about where you live. For instance, I just found out the house I live in used to be a hotel 100 years ago. The other day I went to the local museum bookstore and read 5 books about photography. I went to a restaurant I never went to. I went swimming on a beach I barely knew existed just two minutes from my house. These all happened to me. They never would’ve happened to me if I was all tired and jet-lagged and bloated in Paris. Then I was able to come home and just relax.

How great is that: museums, swimming, good food, new information about places I care about, very cheap, and then I can totally relax in a place 10 times bigger than a hotel room.

Plan your staycation in advance. What does your street look like when everyone is at work? Take photos of it. Talk to the nearby store owners. Why did they start stores there. What weird shit do they sell? Go to your local newspaper and read the back issues from 50 years ago. What did you learn?

I am so jealous you get to go there. Have fun! Send postcards to all of your friends!


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