How do I improve my social game? Meeting new people, potential love interests, etc.

How do I improve my social game? Meeting new people, potential love interests, etc. –@randyaaron

Instead of constantly boring people with my own story I’m going to steal from my wife Claudia’s story. In February 2009 she was out of a job, was going to lose her house, run out of money and then…, network, what? Maybe move back to Argentina for the first time in 15 years?

No. She decided to up her social game. Meet more people. She signed up tango classes, painting classes, I wish she had taken a goddamned cooking class, she went to Spanish-speaking meetups, she signed up for dating services, she went to yoga classes every day, she asked all her friends who should she be meeting and got good advice (advice that ultimately led her to me!).

She was honest about what she wanted. She cut losses quickly. She wouldn’t waste time on dinners (our first date was a “tea” date and nothing more). She kept disciplined and didn’t chase after intrigue and false hopes. But she kept expanding her “list of things to do” so that her social network would expand.

Again, as the network gets bigger (in whatever you do: social life, business life, journalist life, etc.) the value goes up exponentially. And it worked for her. Now we’re married! So:

A)     Picture the people you want to be around, and then make sure every day you get closer and closer to where they are.

B)     Be honest about what you want and who you are. While, of course, always being polite, don’t sacrifice your soul for meaningless and fleeting rewards.


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