I want to be a doctor, does that mean I have to go through school?

I want to be a doctor, does that mean I have to go through school? –@Nspi_RED

Yes, you have to go through college (although there are programs out there that combine the BS/MD.)

But, if my kids wanted to be doctors here is what I would make them do first: become an intern at a hospital for a year. Clean bedpans.

What will this do for them? First off, one year won’t derail their career. You are talking about a decision you have to live with for the next seventy years. So take a year to decide if this is what you want to do.

Second, you will meet with people of all ages and demographics. As opposed to what you’ve been doing the past twelve years you’ve been in school.

Third, you will see if you really have the compassion it takes to be a good doctor. Most doctors are bullshit. I can be a better doctor than most trained MDs. I am sure of it. Most doctors just look up your symptons in an encyclopedia the big pharma companies give them and then they prescribe anti-biotics.

When you find the compassion inside of yourself, you will figure out better ways to heal people. And you will know that this is what you are passionate about.

Better to take that year before you go to prison and ruin your life. E


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