Is reinvention an option to failure?

Nick Parry ‏@nickparrywales: is reinvention an option to failure?


Why do you need “reinvention”. What was wrong with the first invention of you? You were a perfect baby. You grew up, were programmed by society, your parents, your friends, your peers, your bosses, your spouses. Maybe you need a little DE-programming. We all do. But the invention worked! It speaks! IT’S ALIVE! Look around you, think in your head: what are all the sounds I’m hearing right now? What are all the things I see right now? What are the ugliest things I see right now? Is there not some beauty in all of them?

“Failure” and “Reinvention” are words society gave you. They tell you that you are imperfect as you are, and you need to improve in the eyes of society.

But instead, change “failure” to “learning experience”. Change “Reinvention” to “continued improvement”.

You learned something, you learn from it. Right this second: list all the things you learned. List the one thing you can do today to move forward. Them move forward. There’s no need to reinvent perfection.


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