Is the hardest part of writing a novel getting started?

Is the hardest part of writing a novel getting started? –MichaelComeau

I am not the best person to ask (I’ve written 4 unpublished novels in my 20s) but I am writing a novel right now so I’ll share my experience with that:

I like Walter Mosely’s recent book on “how to write a novel”. It’s a short book because his main advice can be summarized in one line: Write 500 words a day. A novel is about 60,000 words. So in 120 days (4 months) you have your first draft writte. 500 words is only about three or four paragraphs.

Something else I read on a blog: a woman who writes (and publishes) many novels (she writes serials about, I think, vampires) explains how she writes 15,000 (!!) words a day. She outlines heavily beforehand. And then she just goes for it. She says she went from 1000 words a day to 15,000 words a day using this technique.

Then, both writers say this is only for first draft. And then you have to rewrite. But whatever, the first draft seems hardest to me.


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