Jobs: a step forward or backward? Do they teach obedience and destroy innovation, or are they an important step?

Lefteri ‏ @TheFreeGreek Jobs: a step forward or backward? Do they teach obedience and destroy innovation, or are they an important step?


Ok, lets stop with bullshitting ourselves.

There is no such word in the English language as “startup”. Don’t check your dictionaries! I’m telling you this. The word “startup” was made up at Silicon Valley tech meetups where 1000 guys are trying to have sex with 12 female “social media experts” who happen to be there. This is TRUTH I’m speaking out to you now.

But the question is: do you have passion for something, have you indulged and immersed yourself in that passion so you can easily say that you are in the top 0.0001% of the world in that passion? And have you seen gaps that nobody has filled in that passion. Then go ahead and fill them. And charge for that service you offer. That’s a real business.

Is a laundromat a startup? Is a deli? If I wanted to start a deli would I go to a VC? Again, “startup”, the word, was made up in garages in Northern California. If you use that word again you will fail.

And if you can’t follow the passion to money scenario I describe above, then get a job you love. Here’s the benefits of a job: a stable paycheck, insurance, you can still be creative, you can still help others, you can make friends, you can leave your work at the office. Make sure you still network and come up with ideas every day. You can be an entre-ployee. Follow the advice I give in this post. If you follow that advice you will become CEO.

And if people give you shit, or you hate the people you work with: then quit your job and find another.

By the way, the statistics on the number of people quitting in the job force right now are higher than ever. People don’t realize it’s these stats that show the economy is quietly booming.

Oh, one more thing: there’s nothing wrong with starting a business on the side while you work your job. That’s how I start EVERY business. Go for it.


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