The cure to apathy with life?

The cure to apathy with life? –@wltgreenwood

Robots have apathy. If you do the same thing every day, with the other robots, and then get unplugged at night until morning, then you join the other robots in their apathy.

I don’t want to say anyone is a robot. We’re all different. But look at the ways in which your life has become routine. In fact, list them right now. You take the train every day. You drink a coffee on train. You read the paper. You say hi to your boss. You gossip at the water cooler. You read a romance novel. On and on and on.

Make the list of 50 things you do every day that the other robots also do. Your routine. Your path to apathy.

Now change one of those things today. Then another tomorrow. Then another the next day.

Apathy will wither away.


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