What about global warming? How much longer before we fully accept this fact?

What about global warming? How much longer b4 we fully accept this fact? –@wiserguy1971

What about global warming? The highest global temperatures every recorded were in 1998.14 years ago. And 40 years ago we were worried about an ice age. So I think the politically correct phrasing now is “climate change”.

I tend to believe my friends on these things. I like Stephen Dubner’s description of the facts and fallacies of global warming in his book “Super Freakonomics”.

But let’s say there is global warming? First off, the US is a small country. And relatively free of pollution. Go to China or India and complain if you are truly worried about global warming.

Global warming is a luxury. Notice the lack of articles on global warming after 2008 happened, when people began to worry about whether they were going to starve or lose their homes, rather than whether Manhattan was going to fall into the ocean.

Don’t worry so much about things that are not under our direct control. First try to be happier with easier problems. Then worry about big things. If you are still very anxious about global warming then ask yourself what else inside of you might need warming. See if you can solve that first.


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