What is the single most important thing to do today, right now, to move towards a better world?

What is the single most important thing to do today, right now, to move towards a better world? –@ReadHeavily

I wrote about this in my post “How to Change the World” http://bit.ly/snVZZr and one of the commenters said it best. “Mother Theresa said if everyone swept in front of their house then the end result would be a clean world.”

The thing you can do today to make the world better is to make yourself better. By the end of the day can you look back and check these boxes:

Physically I took care of myself (I exercised, ate well, didn’t drink, slept well, went to the bathroom, breathed in fresh air, etc)

Emotionally (I didn’t dance the dance with anyone who wanted to engage me in a negative way. I expressed gratitude and love to the people who loved me).

Mentally (I used my brain to come up with ideas, to make people laugh, to stretch myself outside of my comfort zone in some way).

Spiritually (I was grateful to be alive. I am humbled to be alive. The pain I sometimes feel is not the same as the “real me” but something that gloms onto me unsuccessfully).

If you can do that then the result will be:

You will be better. So one person out of 7 billion is definitely better. That’s the first step on changing the world.

The people immediately around you will be better. They will be inspired by your presence. They will want to act with integrity and awareness around you.

Then the people around them will want to be better. And so on.

So you improving yourself ends up having an exponential network effect on the world around you. There’s no better way to change the world for the better.

If you are angry at something (bank CEOs, Bush, Obama, etc) then the only thing that gets spread is anger. I’ve never seen that in thehistory of the world change anything for the better.

Anger creates Hitlers.


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