What kind of database would you like to see online?

J Allen ‏@JTio: what kind of database would like to see online? (think crunchbase)


I’d like to see a database of everyone in the world and on a scale, cross referenced with everything they ever said about me. Because at my worst I’m a vicious combination of insecure, voyeuristic, and paranoid.

That’s horrible. Why should I care so much. I shouldn’t. But that would be a fun database. When I was a kid I used to look at my bulky black and white TV and say, “Which girls in school like me.” There must be one.

Please, god, there must’ve been one. Not the girl who whispered to her friends “you don’t have to tough him” when we were learning square dancing in gym class. Not the many I had crushes on. But maybe there was one and I never knew and still don’t.

But it never answered.


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