What to do when your GF/BF is not ready to commit and wants a break, but both love each other a lot & are a perfect match?

dublao ‏@dublao: What to do when your GF/BF is not ready to commit and wants a break, but both love each other a lot & are a perfect match?


I really liked this girl once. And I thought she liked me. But sometimes I’d call late at night and she wouldn’t be there. And other times she would say to me she wanted to take it slow. And sometimes she’d say to me “nothing can happen now because we work together and she felt uncomfortable with it”. And other times she’d say “let’s take a one week break”.

All of these thigns were painful to me because I liked her so much.

But here’s thereality: shedidn’t like me. And she didn’t really knowhowto get rid of me. So she would saynice things to me to cushion theblow of the bad things she had to say to me. It doesn’t mean she wasa bad person. She just didn’t like me that much. ANd I becameneedier andneedier. Until I was crying rightin front of her about why we couldn’t be closer.

So there’s no such thing as “let’s take a break” and “not ready to commit”. You are not a perfect match with the other person. Quite the opposite. You are a perfect match for theperson you think he/she is but that person doesn’t exist. And you don’t even exist. HYou are not yourself else you’d think more rationally about this. You are a shadow of who you could be because you are looking at yourself in the mirror created by this “GF/BF” that doesn’t erally like you that much.

This relationship you have will play out, like they always do, regardless of what I say. But it’s not going to work out and you’re going to need to end it before you can move on and find out what YOU really want and not what someone else wants from you while you wait around with your mouth and tongue sticking out hoping to find nourishment on the crumbs that are thrown your way.


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