What will it take for the GOP to accept tax hike on the rich?

What will it take for the GOP to accept tax hike on the rich? –@ericmontas

They will never agree.

Eric then asked, “that’s unfortunate because how will the government raise revenues?”

My answer to that was: to raise revenues government should stop corruption, pork {DO YOU MEAN P.O.R.K.?}, and pull back military from 120 countries, close useless agencies (like the FDA), close various government branches (like Congress and the Presidency) and also start finding assets that they can sell and be put to better use in private industry, like national highways.

Altogether, my suggestions would save trillions of dollars. Massive demilitarization alone, which kills civilians all over the world, would save 100x more than taxing people who make over $1 million. Not that I’m excusing the bank CEOs who got away with murder in 2008 and then gave themselves bonuses but shareholders, rather than the government, need to get more active and stop that. The government has four tools to raise money: raise taxes, print money, sell assets, and spend less. I think the latter two are the best methods for the economy as a whole.


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