What would James Altucher do if he was 25 years old right now?

What would James Altucher do if he was 25 years old right now? –@rballe33

Not everyone could be a Mark Zuckerberg and start a new business from scratch and watch it grow into billions. So the obvious answer of “start a business” doesn’t really apply. Starting a business is hard, needs money, and requires you to know what people are missing in their lives. Also, a consumer-oriented business is the hardest sort of business to start, but if you have no enterprise experience, then it’s also difficult to start a business selling to the enterprise.

Believe it or not, here’s what I would recommend: work at a big company, learn everything about them, find out what they are missing, and after two years start a business supplying the things you find that they were missing.

This, in fact is what I did (I was 26 and not 25) when I went to work for HBO. If you are vigilant, you will find many things they are missing and even if they don’t become your first client, if you build your network while you are on the job, you will find first clients for your service. (Be service-oriented, then transform to product-oriented. This way you are profitable right away).


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