What’s your reaction to this quote from Thomas Jefferson about intellectual property?

Geoff Graham ‏ @geoffreydgraham What’s your reaction to this quote from Thomas Jefferson about intellectual property? http://geoffreygraham.com/2011/11/22/he-who-lights-his-taper-at-mine-receives-light-without-darkening-me/

ANSWER: Bullshit. I don’t care about anything the Founding Fathers did. For one thing, why are we voting for Congressmen still? They just rape and steal from us. The only reason for Congress is because there was no way to communicate the issues back home so people needed representatives who could vote for them.

Well, that need is over.

Meanwhile, probably half of the founding fathers raped their slaves and got 17 year old farmers to fight their stupid wars for them.

I was taught in BS public school 101 that the Revolutionary War was about “freedom” and “taxation without representation”.

Well now I’m taxed at the federal, state, and city levels. I have a sales tax, a gas tax, a property tax, and probably a dozen other taxes.

And that has put a serious cap on my freedom.

So I didn’t look at your blog link. Because I don’t care what he said. Maybe I’ll ask Sally Hemming’s descendants to explain it to me.

Maybe this is sacreligious against the American religion. The “founding fathers”. Their bible, which was the Constitution.

Personally, I think the Constitution has to be massively rewritten to take into account that A) we’ve broken it repeatedly and B) the world has changed.


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