Jim Prideaux ‏@Kitsune808: OK, hope you are ready.Kinda depressed abt upcoming elections.Will be Bama-Redux or Dark Scary Mitt ! Is YOGA d’cure or only Ron P?


Answer this: what President has every changed your life? I’m going to assume you didn’t sign up for the army and get killed in Iraq. Because Bush (and Obama, who continued the wars) certainly changed a lot of lives. But if you’re the average person on the street, who changed your life? Did Clinton? Did Bush? Did Obama?

Certainly Washington and Lincoln changed a lot of lives. More US citizens died (as a percentage) on their watch than any other Presidency. And Roosevelt sent off a lot of people to be killed. So dying is probably the biggest way Presidents change people’s lives. Presidents have very little domestic power. Congress does. Presidents have the ability to make treaties and throw parties but not much else. So, for me personally, I could care less about who is President. Its just a popularity contest and I wish there was no such job as President.

See also: Abolish the Presidency, It’s a Useless Job.


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