You don’t read newspapers so how do you keep up with the news?

You don’t read newspapers so how do you keep up with the news? –@socialhotchoco

Three answers:

A)     Who cares about the news? Name one thing in the news today that will make me any happier. Most of the media lies to me to make me panic more. I don’t want to panic more. So I won’t read the news.

B)     When I go on TV I might read a few research reports to get up to speed.

C)     Or, I might not. The news never actually changes: Europe, Kim Kardashian, economy worries, everyone’s angry, everyone’s depressed, election blah blah blah. The news is the same every single day. I know how to respond to the news whether I read it or not. I’d rather read a funny book than read the news. That will make me happier during those twenty minutes. In fact, the best way I prepare for a TV appearance is by watching YouTube clips of Ellen Degeneres doing standup.

Try it, today: instead of reading the news (even the gossip news), read a non-fiction book where you can learn something, or read a funny book where you can laugh at something, or call your kids, or do something where you can actually add to the value of your life instead of decrease from it. Try that every day now for a week.

See the difference?


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